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Gov't: Kuwait conference to provide $100 billion to reconstruct Mosul

Gov't: Kuwait conference to provide $100 billion to rebuild Mosul

The Kuwait conference on reconstructing the liberated areas in Mosul has been arranged to provide $100 billion to Iraq, a government source said on Wednesday.

This amount of money is non-refundable, he confirmed.

He added that US, Britain, the European Union, and many Asian countries will participate in the conference.

Also, the Gulf countries, that are expected to pay grants to Iraq, will take part in the conference.  

It is scheduled that the conference will be held in Kuwait at the turn of the next year. 


Iraq's Mosul is now free from the clutches of ISIS terrorists. The Iraqi forces, aided by the US-coalition, started a push to drive the terrorists out in October 2016. 


On June 29th, the city was declared free of ISIS terrorists.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 02 August 2017 12:00 PM