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Reconstruction of Mosul's right bank to start next week – Cabinet

Reconstruction of Mosul's right bank to start next week – Cabinet

Iraqi crisis management cell announced that reconstruction process will start in Mosul's right bank of Nineveh governorate next week, a source at the cabinet said on Wednesday.

In press statements, the source added that the reconstruction will cover maintaining water sewers and replacing electricity generators that were damaged during the war against ISIS terrorist group.

 The source said that the reconstruction process will be launched next week if the donor countries agreed on the plan set by the Iraqi government. The plan is expected to be implemented by the Iraqi government as well as a number of volunteering organizations.

 In a recent report, the United Nations pointed out at the reduction of the money allocated daily for nutrition, health and other logistic sectors as well as maintenance by 40 percent, the source further said. The source added that 21 percent of the residents of Mosul's left bank, nearby villages and the governorates of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah had left their homes during the war, adding that they are expected to return to their homes after establishing and repairing water, sewage, electricity projects in their cities and villages due to be finalized by the end of August.

 The source also said that the reconstruction process will be held by Iraqi funds but the new generators have to be imported by donors.

 According to UN and Human Right Watch reports, these areas were destroyed by the Iraqi governmental forces, IMIS and ISIS. The reports assert that most of the destruction was without any justification expect revenge from Sunni residents in which those who committed destruction should be held responsible and brought to justice.