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Iran-allied IMIS force Sunni Arabs out of homes in Babil

IMIS militias committed atrocities in Iraq
Iran-allied IMIS militias have threatened to kill Sunni Iraqis in Babil province if they don't leave the area within 24 hours, sources said. 

The Shia militia has committed rights violations against Sunnis over the past two years. 

But their crimes have notably increased after the liberation of Mosul.

In statements to The Baghdad Post, a police official said, "Shiite Hizbollah militias have circulated leaflets that warn Sunni Arabs of being killed unless they leave their homes in northern Babil".

Thousands of Sunni Arabs in Bablil have ben abducted by the Shia militias, officials said.  

Tens of thousands are  banned from returning to their homes in liberated areas, he added. 

International organizations have repeatedly warned against human rights abuses by Iran-backed militias and the Iraqi army against Sunni civilians.

Iraqi prominent  media figure, Sufian Samarrai said the sectarian attacks against Sunnis aim  to create a demographic change in the region. 

He added that such measures are made under sponsorship of Iranian regime.