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US Gen: Iraqi forces celebrate after victory over ISIS in Mosul

Iraqi forces will announce the victory to retake Mosul-US
The Iraqi forces will announce the victory to retake Mosul from ISIS' grip soon, the US general Robert Sofge said.  

He confirmed that the Iraqi forces deserve to celebrate the victory of retaking Mosul and feel proud of themselves after eight months of fighting against ISIS.

ISIS terrorists remnants in Mosul are fighting in tiny area in the old city of Mosul near the Tigris river and they are desperate, he added. 

ISIS terrorists constantly trying to escape among the fleeing civilian by shaving their beards and changing their clothes, he further added.

Others were pretending to be dead to detonate explosive vests as the Iraqi forces became close to them, he said.

He also warned that the victory of retaking Mosul might cause a strong reaction and the Iraqi forces need to be careful for post-ISIS era.

Iraqi forces have been battling the terror group of ISIS in the right bank of the city since February 19th with the aid of the US-led coalition after freeing the eastern bank of the war-shattered city.

On June 29th, Mosul has been officially declared as 'ISIS-free'.

The Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi is expected to give a speech soon to announce the liberation of the entire Old City of Mosul.
Last Modified: Sunday، 09 July 2017 01:12 PM