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ISIS attack kills, injures 3 journalists at Qayyarah in Nineveh

ISIS attack kills, injures 3 journalists in Qayyarah town
Hona Salahaddin channel reporter Harb al-Delaimy, photographer So'd Al-Tikriti and a police officer were killed in an attack by ISIS terrorists in the village of Imam in western Qayyarah town, a security source said on Friday.

Also, Salahudin Governorate Media photographer Ali Gamal Aqab in  and three others were injured, the source asserted.

He further added that reporter Mustafa wahady is besieged in the same place with the two dead bodies and he called the security forces to rescue him.

Interior Ministry Spokesman Brig Gen. Sa'ad al-Ma'an asserted that security forces are currently carrying out an operation to rescue the beseiged journalist.

This incident comes as residents of al-Qayyarah neighborhood in southern Mosul have mobilized after ISIS had controlled Imam village in the neighborhood in southern Mosul, sources revealed  

The sources noted that residents and civil servants of al-Qayyarah have taken to the streets carrying weapons to fend off any ISIS attacks and help residents who fled the village. 

Theses incidents also come as the operation launched on 19th of February by US-backed Iraqi forces, supported by Iranian-backed sectarian IMIS Shiite militias to oust ISIS terrorists from Iraq is in its final stages as security forces are sweeping the war-torn city to cleanse it from the terror group's remnants.
Last Modified: Friday، 07 July 2017 02:24 PM