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Push to return displaced persons to Diyala suspended

The return of 5,000 displaced families to al-Sadiya neighborhood in northeastern Diyala, will be postponed, although it has been liberated from ISIS three years ago, Ali al-Daini, head of Diyala provincial council, revealed on Thursday.   

Al-Daini said that the non-return of families over the past period needs an urgent clarification from the authorities in Diyala. 

Thousands of families live in tragic conditions due to forced displacements since June 2014, he noted.   

He also stated that this issue needs a national stance to alleviate the suffering of displaced families in al-Sadiya and the rest of cities that have been retaken from ISIS.

Diani added that return of families will put an end to sleeper cells' activities and strengthen the social fabric of Iraq.  

Thousands of families have been displaced in Diyala since 2014 after ISIS have controlled large swathes of the country.

Last Modified: Thursday، 06 July 2017 02:39 PM