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IMIS denies Jurf Sakhr residents return home after 3 yrs of ISIS fall

IMIS militias still denies its Jurf al-Sakhr residents to return to their homes

Although over three years have passed since the Iraqi authorities announced the liberation of Jurf al-Sakhr town in Babel governorate, IMIS militias still prevents its residents from returning homes.

Iraq's Hezbollah Shia militia that fully controls the town claims they need years to defuse the explosive devices planted by ISIS in the town. 

The Iran-backed militia controlled Jarf al-Sakhr, 60 km southwest of the capital Baghdad, after ousting ISIS in 2014. 

Thousands of displaced families complain they now suffer poor conditions in displacement camps.

"The majority of the population has lost hope of return to their homes and agricultural lands because the government has stopped listening to their appeals, forcing them to live as refugees," one of the displaced said.  

Hameed al-Janabi, a resident of Jarf al-Sakhr and one of the Janabian clan elders, told how the dominant Shiite factions prevented him from returning to their homes and farms after the  liberation of the city.

The militias impose tightened security cordons, surrounding the city by concrete blocks, which made them in isolation from the districts. 

In the meantime, the militias continue to loot houses, agricultural land and commercial property belonging to the now displaced people, eyewitnesses said. 

Sources told al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper that "the Shia militias attempt to create a demographic change similar to what previously happened in Sunni provinces such as Diyala, al-Taramiya, Amiriya al-Fallujah and Salah al-Din.

Mohammed al-Falahi, a Jarf al-Sakhr resident, said that IMIS militia fabricates IEDs and mines rumors as well as the presence of ISIS sleeper cells to make the afore-mentioned demographic change.

Many Tribal chiefs asserted that IMIS militias forces the town's residents to sell their furniture, as several civilians from the town noted that the Iraqi government is complacent with the militias.

"Jurf al-Sakr suffers from an Iranian scheme to change the area's demographic ethnicity via its proxy IMIS militias," a town official Nasser al-Janabi told The Baghdad Post.

He noted that many families from the town are currently homeless, roaming the streets of Baghdad and northern cities in Iraq after being denied to go back to their homes, he added.

Janabi also revealed that the residents were even forced to sell their homes to IMIS militias, as they brought their families to change the town's demographic.

IMIS militias also built a prison where over 5,000 fleeing civilians who fled the combat zones are being held in their dungeons.

Janabi said that Iraqi Hezbollah, Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq and Badr militias are controlling the town, noting the absolute absence of Iraqi Army or the Federal Police in the area.

Earlier, National Alliance leader and former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said that IMIS leaders have informed him that Jurf al-Sakhr residents would return homes if Tehran approved it.

In a press statement, Allawi expressed his shock at the outrageous Iranian interference in Iraq's affairs.

IMIS militias refuse to bring back Jarf al-Sakhr residents to their home to make demographic change in Babel governorate in order to execute Iran's Shiite crescent in the region.

Several residents also told The Baghdad Post that IMIS militias detonated their houses, after making sure to steal their possessions, they also stole the residents' vehicles.

The residents were also outraged after the militias celebrated in their town, in the same time denying them entry to their homes, leaving them either displaced or homeless.

Last Modified: Thursday، 22 June 2017 10:27 PM