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Who leads, operates Iran militias in al-Tanf?

Iran militias
Iranian militias are on alert all the time in Syria for any directives that could be sent by terror sponsors in Tehran.

They fight for the Mullah regime and its puppet Bashar al-Assad who killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians and turned his country back to middle ages.

Iran and its militias are trying to reverse the efforts led by the US and its allies in Syria, which aim at ridding the people of Assad's terror.

The militiamen are attempting to reach al-Tanf crossing at the Jordanian borders.

Observers say the foremost aim of Iran ad its militia, the IRGC, is seeking to have its overland route which rips through Syria and Iraq to the Mediterranean.

But the US forces are on alert, with its military force targeting Assad regime and its surrogates who attempt to reach the strategic spot.

The US is strongly opposed to Iran's control over the strategic crossing, analysts said, arguing Washington's victory over Iran in this battle will deal a severe blow to its 'Shiite Crescent plans.

Iran stooges 

The US forces have strongly intervened in the battles took place in the Syrian desert in its bid to deter Iran militiamen.

For the second time in the span of 20 days, the US warplanes bombed military columns in al-Tanf area located at the borders of Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

In the aftermath of the strikes, War Media Cell of the Iranian-trained Zulfiqar militia, led by Haidar Abu Shahd al-Jubouri, released pictures of his mercenaries on the Syrian-Iraqi border, near the strategic triangle, and uncovered many of the hideouts around the militias that seep into the tunnel and try reach the Syrian-Iraqi borders and settle there.

Sources said that this militia has forged an alliance with Liwa Assad Allah al-Ghalib militia, commanded by Abdullah al-Shabani. And both pledged to continue push ' to liberate more territories'.

Based on this unity,Liwa Assad Allah al-Ghalib militia agreed to change both its name and banner to Zulfiqar militia.

There are other militias working to implement this plot, especially the Iran Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), which seeks to spill over terror outside Iraq based on Iran agenda.

Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, an IMIS leader, spoke expressly in late April about what Iran is planning do when it comes to the crossing. 

The Syrian borders us reachable for IMIS, he said, adding: The forces can move towards the area at will based on the progress of the battle on the ground."

According to commentators, this comes within plans of IMIS militia to control all towns and villages along the Syrian border to provide a route between Iraq and Syria to facilitate the movements of the pro-Iran militias in both countries.

Why al-Tanf?

Observers say the foremost aim of Iran ad its militia, the IRGC, is seeking to have its overland route which rips through Syria and Iraq to the Mediterranean.

The US warnings, not to approach the Syrian border, in the past few weeks, came after Tehran's plan to work on linking the Syrian border with Iraq, and the opening a route to the Mediterranean.

To Iran, the crossing also has "strategic importance"; if it is controlled by its allies in Damascus, it will be a key step to implement its plans represented in a strategic corridor from Iran through Iraq to the Mediterranean coast of western Syria, according to reports.

Iran intelligence 

According to the reports, Iranian intelligence and Revolutionary Guards, led by Qassem Suleimani in Syria, have set specific targets for each militia in Syrian territory. 

Observers say there are militias to fight against the rebels and the opposition factions.

Yet there are militias infiltrating the Syrian border on various fronts, especially the Iraqi border to secure the establishment of a route from Tehran to Damascus through Baghdad.

The plot is vicious, experts said. "They will tell the whole world that Iranian and Russian troops left Syria. But they will leave thousands of militiamen fighting on the ground," they added.

Militias is the main asset for Mullah regime to entrench itself in Syria as it did in Iraq, they concluded.

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