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Founder of ISIS' Amaq news agency killed in airstrike in Syria

Baraa Kadek
The US-led coalition air strike has killed Baraa Kadek, the founder of one of the main ISIS group media outlets Amaq,  in Mayadeen town in Deir el-Zour Governorate, his brother Hozaifa said in a Facebook post. 

ISIS terror group has not reported the death of the founder of Amaq news agency.

Syrian opposition news outlets, including Halab News Network and Qasioun news agency, reported Kadek's death late Wednesday.

Kadek became known as a media activist covering the outbreak of protests in 2011 then rebel fronts. He later joined ISIS terrorists in 2013.

Mayadeen has become a refuge for ISIS leaders as the group comes under attack in Mosul in Iraq and their de-facto capital Raqqa.

Last Modified: Thursday، 01 June 2017 01:25 PM