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Iran 'state sponsor of terrorist organizations' - Saudi official

Thamer al-Sabhan
Iranian regime is a den of terrorism and Tehran is the real sponsor of terrorist organizations across the world, Saudi Minister of State for Arab Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan said in an interview with Al-Riyadh newspaper on Sunday.  

Al-Sabhan told the Saudi newspaper that if we want to counter terrorism, we have to eliminate the rogue Iranian regime. 
He stated that Saudi Arabia is a leading country in the Arab and Muslim regions while commenting on Riyadh's hosting of Arab-Islamic-US summit.
It is not surprising that Saudi Arabia is leading the Islamic world's vision in facing the coming challenges, in a region witnessing terrorism penetration, he noted.
He added that Riyadh bears a heavy burden and it can build a bright future for the Arab and Islamic nations. 

Moreover, he said that the US administration is aware of Saudi Arabia's position and its Islamic, Arab and Gulf influence.

For this reason, US President Donald Trump made Riyadh his first foreign visit to pave the way for cooperation between the two countries in a way that serves world's interests in general, the Saudi Minister of State for Arab Gulf Affairs revealed.     

Terrorist groups emergence was a result of Iran's exploitation of the situation in some Arab countries, he noted.
According to him, this exacerbated divisions in the region. 
Iran wants to create an overwhelming chaos in the Arab world so that its armed militias control internal and political situations in the region, he said.
He also stated that Tehran seeks to impose its agenda to destroy the Arab countries.  

He added that Iran's attempts to destabilize the region will affect not only its countries but also the world as a whole.  

Earlier, Saudi Arabia appointed Sabhan as its ambassador to Iraq but the Iraqi government rejected Riyadh decision after orders from Mullah's regime. Sabhan is known for his firm stance against Iran and its intervention in countries' domestic affairs.

Last Modified: Sunday، 21 May 2017 01:42 PM