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Revealed: US to turn up the heat on Iran nuclear deal in Vienna

US to turn up the heat on Iran nuclear deal in Vienna

Vienna hosted on Tuesday the first conference on implementing the historic Iran nuclear deal since US President Donald Trump’s administration came to power, Kommersant said.

After the new US administration’s representatives harshly criticized Tehran, international mediators, including Russia, want to know if the White House plans to implement the landmark agreement or break it.

Sources in Russia’s Foreign Ministry told the paper that Washington is unlikely to withdraw from the deal, but will turn up the heat on Iran, jeopardizing the agreement. “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is a rare example of successful diplomacy, not force. If the Americans kill the deal, bellicosity will prevail, which is a hazard that can undermine international law and stability,” a diplomat said. Sources in the US Department of State say the decision on further steps regarding Iran has not been made so far.

According to Maxim Suchkov, an expert at the Russian International Affairs Council, “the fact that Americans, who criticize the JCPOA, still have to admit that Tehran honors the terms of the deal, demonstrating that Washington has not found a better alternative to the agreement.” “The Trump administration is annoyed that Iran keeps complicating life for the region’s US allies and the deal cannot influence Tehran’s behavior in the area that the US deems as ‘toxic,” the expert said. “The question is how the US will pressure Iran in other, non-nuclear areas. The effect of such pressure may be significant as well as retaliatory steps by Iran itself,” he said.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 26 April 2017 12:19 AM