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North Korea warns it will 'wipe US off face of the Earth'

North Korea threatens  catastrophic retaliation
North Korea has warned it will wipe America "off the face of the Earth" after accusing the US of planning a chemical weapons attack, Mirror reported on Sunday.

In an explosive new report published today, the secretive country has claimed the US is plotting an 'unprecedented disaster' on its nation.

However, the country says it will not remain a 'passive onlooker' - instead vowing to destroy the US, in a catastrophic retaliation.

State newspaper The Rodong Sinmun says: "The DPRK will never remain a passive onlooker to the moves of the US to provoke a biochemical war against it but will conclude the standoff with the US, the empire of evils, by wiping it off the face of the Earth.

"The US must not disregard the warning of the DPRK that its reckless military moves would lead to its most miserable final doom."

The report, entitled 'US Biochemical War Plan against Korean Nation under Fire', claimed the US is plotting a chemical weapons attack on the country.