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ISIS claims responsibility for Paris terrorist attack

Champs Elysees attack
A note expressing support for ISIS has been found near the body of a gunman who shot a police officer dead in the center of Paris, as reported by the Independent.

Sources within the investigation told news agencies of the discovery as a probe continued into the chief suspect, a 39-year-old Frenchman who was the subject of a previous terror investigation. 

Police also found a pump-action shotgun and knives in his car, showing the attacker was armed for an extended assault. 

ISIS swiftly claimed responsibility for the attack, giving the perpetrator a war name indicating he had links in Belgium and hailing him as a "fighter of ISIS". 

The speed of the claim and the fact the attacker was identified suggests he was in contact with the group and informed militants of his plan in advance. 

War names were previously used by ISIS to identify the terrorists who carried out the Paris and Brussels attacks, which were coordinated with commanders in Syria.

The main suspect for Thursday's atrocity is Karim Cheurfi, who had an extensive criminal record including the attempted murder of two police officers. 

Three of his relatives were detained in searches of his family home in Chelles, although police stressed the move was standard procedure for questioning. 

Cheurfi was jailed for attempted murders that saw him shoot two police officers – one during a car chase in 2001 and a second days later after seizing his gun in custody, Le Parisien reported. 

At a trial in 2003, Cheurfi was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, which was later reduced to 15 on appeal, and it was unclear when he was released. 

He was also arrested in February as part of a counter-terror investigation - reportedly for threatening police officers - but was released by the courts because of insufficient evidence the following day. 

Witnesses said he parked a car behind a police van on the Champs Elysees on Thursday night, emerging to open fire with a Kalashnikov.

One officer was killed and two more injured, as well as a German woman whose foot was injured. 

One of the officers underwent emergency surgery overnight, but an interior ministry official said both injured officers were now “out of danger”.
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