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ISIS leader Baghdadi 'safe and sound' in Syria – Iraq's Intelligence

ISIS leader Baghdadi 'safe and sound' in Syria – Iraq's Intelligence

Iraqi National Intelligence Service asserted on Monday that head of ISIS terrorist group Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is still alive in Syria.

In statements, head of the service said Baghdadi is still representing a threat to Iraq while he is working near the Iraqi-Syrian borders inside the Syrian territories.

Meanwhile, he added that the terrorist group is aiming to expand its strategies via using a number of figures who are benefiting from ISIS control to the northern Iraqi governorates.

A number of political figures interfered in security forces' duty, he added, pointing out that those politicians had pressed on the security authorities to prevent them from arresting a number of terrorists as well as preventing the Iraqi army from entering Fallujah and Nineveh within the forces' efforts to regain control on these areas and eliminate ISIS terrorist group.

The Iraqi Army launched an offensive on 19th of February to oust ISIS militants from Mosul their last stronghold in Iraq.