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Exclusive: Map reveals latest developments in battle for Mosul

Exclusive: Map reveals latest developments in battle for Mosul

A map showing the latest development in the battle aiming to regain the right bank of Mosul city from ISIS was obtained by The Baghdad Post on Monday.

The areas in green illustrate the completely regained ones, areas in orange show the areas currently witnessing clashes while the areas in white are still controlled by ISIS terrorist group.

Earlier, Federal Police forces have retaken controlled of al-Hadbaa Minaret of Great Nuri Mosque vicinity in the right bank of Mosul, Federal Police Commander Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat said.

The Great Nuri Mosque is a historical mosque in Mosul, Iraq famous for its leaning minaret which gave the city its nickname "the hunchback".

The mosque is where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made a rare public appearance after ISIS took control of Mosul city in June 2014.

Capturing this Mosque will have a massive hit on ISIS terrorists moral.

The Iraqi forces are continuing the push on ISIS, achieving victories despite cautious progress pursued to spare lives of civilians, he added.

Iraqi Forces launched a major offensive on 19th of February to retake the western part of Mosul after declaring total control of the eastern part of the city on 24th of January as part of the military operations to liberate the city that started on 17th of October 2016.