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Syrian jets, aided by Iraqi intelligence, hit ISIS positions in Raqqah

ISIS positions destroyed in Syria
Syrian jets have bombed several positions held by ISIS terrorists in multiple cities upon receiving intelligence information from Iraq.

Based on information leaked by the Iraqi intelligence and the quartet committee to exchange intelligence information, Syrian Air Force conducted several airstrikes on hideouts of ISIS terrorists in the towns of Abukamal and Dshisha near the Iraqi borders, military media cell said in a Saturday statement.

At these sites, there is a big number of ISIS leaders and suicide bombers in Syria, the statement added.

The strikes also destroyed headquarters of the so-called Shura Council of the terror group in Raqqah, and operations center in Syria's village of Abukamal.

Also,  the Syrian jets bombed an ISIS headquarter where one of the terror group's top leader, named Abu Bakr bin al-Habib al-Hakim who is a French from Algerian origins, was hiding, it further noted.

According to the statement, this terror leader worked in the ranks of al-Qaeda and was the military commander of its affiliate Nusra Front in Syria.

The air raids targeted a big number of suicide bombers gathered at this spot and was intent on entering Iraq. And the strikes killed many of them in Syria's al-Dshisha village.   
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Sunday، 16 April 2017 06:36 AM
Fantastic, and well done. Hope everyone involved got home for supper.