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Salahuddin governor reveals circumstances behind recent attack in Tikrit

Tikrit attack
Governor of Salahuddin province Ahmed Abdullah al-Jabouri on Friday spoke about the terrorist attacks that the city of Tikrit have witnessed days ago.

He said that the security forces killed six suicide bombers before the seventh blows himself up, killing three civilians. 

"Seven suicide bombers wearing military uniforms infiltrated from Hawija to the villages of Mazra and Albu-Tohma in the north of Tikrit," Jubouri said. "Three of them entered the village of Mazra'a and the other four headed to the village of al-Bawtama.

Al-Jubouri added that the security forces and the Counter Terror Service (CTS) in the province managed to kill all the suicide bombers in the village of Mazra'a without causing any casualties.

The forces dismantled the explosive belts of the terrorists with no losses reported.

The governor expressed his thanks and appreciation to the security forces and the CTS for their speed and determination to kill these suicide bombers and forestalling losses among civilians.

On Tuesday evening, a string of explosive belts bombings hit Tikrit, followed by violent clashes between the joint forces and ISIS terrorists who claimed the bombings. 

Death toll from the bombings and clashes jumped to 35 while 40 were injured. Most of the victims belong to the Joint forces. 

Police sources confirmed to The Baghdad Post that the Joint Forces in Tikrit had called for further reinforcements.