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MP: Over 6,000 civilians are captives in IMIS prisons

IMIS militias holding hundreds of Sunni Iraqis

The Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) are currently holding over 6,000 in their secret prisons, MP Ahmed al-Salmani said.

IMIS militias committed sectarian crimes against the Iraqi people, holding 1,600 people from al-Razaza, 3,000 other from Samraa, 1,000 more from Northern Babel, over 700 residents from al-Saqalaweyya and over 70 people from al-Karma town, according to al-Salmani.

The MP asserted that despite the massive numbers of civilians being held in IMIS prisons, the central government didn't take any action to protect the Iraqi people.

Earlier Human Rights Watch asserted that it has clear evidence that these sectarian militias have committed numerous atrocities against the Sunni population in Iraq, the organization also criticized the immunity of IMIS sectarian militias.