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Security committee in Salahuddin province reveals reasons behind Tikrit bombing

Aftermath of Tikrit bombing
Security committee of Salahuddin province's council has blamed security officials for the infiltrations occurred at several districts of the city.

One of the key reasons why these infiltrations take place is that there are no proper measures taken when it comes dealing with the bulk numbers of displaced people in the city, member of Salahuddin provincial council Khalid Jassam said in a press release. 

After this breach took place, the forces managed to sort things out within a single hour and combed the districts of al-Zuhur and al-Arbaein to prevent other attacks from happening, the official added.

The province has diverse political trends, and they are not the reason of security breaches or the terrorist attacks, Jassam stated, noting that the province also contains displaced people from Mosul and Anbar.

In Salahuddin, there are joint operations in which senior officials from Diyala and Anbar are participating. Conflicts on who is worth commanding some areas or seizing some territories emerge, so security breaches take place, he concluded. 

On Tuesday evening, a string of explosive belts bombings hit Tikrit, followed by violent clashes between the joint forces and ISIS terrorists who claimed the bombings. 

Death toll from the bombings and clashes jumped to 35 while 40 were injured. Most of the victims belong to the Joint forces.