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Two government troops killed, three injured as bombings hit Diyala

Bombing hits Diyala
Two elements of government police were killed and three others seriously wounded, including a civilian, when two explosive devices went off simultaneously Wednesday morning northeast of Baquba city, Diyala province.

The two explosive charges targeted police vehicles on the outskirts of al-Abara neighborhood northeast of Baquba, a local source said. 

The security forces rushed to the arena of the incident, preventing passers-by from coming near it, he indicated.

The wounded were transferred to nearby hospitals for treatment. And the body of the deceased was taken to forensic medicine department. 

The Iraqi cities are witnessing a state of insecurity and chaos as terror attacks target civilians.

Terrorist groups like ISIS, IMIS and others are targeting those cities by booby-trapped cars, suicide bombs and other terrorist means in which the residents are feeling insecure and furious.