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ISIS kidnaps children in Mosul for suicide bombings

ISIS children
ISIS terrorists have been wandering streets in Mosul's right bank searching for children to use them in suicide bombings, sources told The Baghdad Post on Monday.

The sources confirmed that the terror group is currently holding 300 children in different districts in Mosul. 

The terror group says the children have duties to perform for the so-called  Islamic caliphate including suicide bombings. 

The ages of the captured children range from 11 to 17 years, including children with special learning difficulties. 

ISIS has repeatedly used civilians as human shields to stop strikes by the Iraqi army and the US-led international coalition in Mosul's right bank. 

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights announced that the exploitation of human beings as shields is a war crime under the 1929 and 1949 Geneva treaties as well as the 1998 Rome Convention. 

All international treaties call warring factions to preserve the lives of civilians under their jurisdictions.

Since February 19th the Iraqi army supported by the international coalition forces have launched an offensive to retake Mosul's right bank from the terror group. 

ISIS captured large swathes of Iraq and Syria in 2014. However, the terror group is currently besieged in some districts of Mosul, which is its last stronghold.
Last Modified: Monday، 03 April 2017 04:40 PM