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Pentagon says 229 civilians killed in Iraq since 2014

Mosul airstrikes
The Pentagon announced on Saturday in a statement that 229 civilians had been killed by mistake in Iraq since the US-led International Coalition against ISIS started its airstrikes in 2014. 

The statement added that four civilians had been killed in airstrikes in February. 

The statement stressed the death toll of civilians in Iraq since the start of the coalition's operations is much less than that announced by other monitoring groups. 

Airwars, a group monitoring the coalition's air war against ISIS, said more than 2800 civilians had been killed in the coalition's airstrikes. 

A coalition airstrike on March 17th killed at least 300 civilians in Mosul Jadedeh neighborhood in Mosul's right bank, according to eyewitnesses and independent reports. 

Hundreds of civilians are still buried under the rubble, according to local residents. 

Other reports claimed the death toll from the strikes may amount to 500.

The Pentagon announced on March 24th it would open an investigation into the allegations. It added the strikes had been carried out at the request of the Iraqi security forces. 

The coalition was formed in 2014 to reign in the expansion of ISIS terror group that captured large swathes of Iraq and Syria. 

Last Modified: Sunday، 02 April 2017 10:29 AM