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Iran signs nuclear agreement with Russia: Insiders

Iran seeks nuclear leverage from Russia
Iran has signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with Russia to help it rebuild its nuclear capabilities, insiders told the Baghdad Post on Tuesday.

The agreement comes as Iran conceded 90 percent of its nuclear stockpile to the US after penning a nuclear deal in July 2015, they added. 

Also, Iran gave the Russian army the green light to use four military bases, all are located in the Arabian Gulf.

Relatedly, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Reuters Tuesday that Russia could use Iranian military bases to "fight terrorism in Syria" with each case being "separate".

He added that regional issues involving Syria would be discussed at a meeting in the Kremlin on Tuesday. 

Last August, Iran allowed Russia for the first time to use one of its military bases to launch attacks inside Syria, although the Iranian constitution prohibits any foreign country from using a military base in the country.

This coincided with the announcement by Russia that its long-range bombers stationed in Iran had bombed for the first time a number of targets in three Syrian provinces.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 28 March 2017 11:13 PM