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What a travesty: Iran boats harass US naval vessels in the Gulf

Iran boats molest US ships
US Navy commanders accused Iran of jeopardizing international navigation by "harassing" warships passing through the Strait of Hormuz , saying future incidents could result in miscalculation and lead to an armed clash, the Business Insider reported.

Informed military sources told the Baghdad Post that the Iranian harassments against the US warships and jet carriers in the Gulf are no more than 'a political show', arguing that Khamenei, leader of Mullah regime, wants to bluff the Iranians through claiming that he can fight 'head to head' with the US.

Multiple analyses suggest that the Iran has noting to do with the US on the military scale. It just seeks to disseminate hollow propaganda about its power and ability to dominate the region. 

Iran's hollow power 

Iran is well aware of the fact that its military forces are far behind the ones of the US. They are terribly not on the same par, analysts stated. 

According to Global Fire Power's latest rankings of militaries, the US is on top of the list, with 1, 400, 000 active military personnel compared to 500, 000 personnel in Iran. 

For helicopters, the gap is staggering. Iran possesses 128, while the US is possessing 6, 084 jets. Tehran also has 137 outdated fighter jets. And the US has 2, 308.

Based on these tallies, analysts warned Tehran of continuing to provoke the US, as President Trump will not let the Mullahs threaten the interests of the US and its Arab allies. 

President Trump's administration has already butted heads with the Iran, referring to it as the “number one terrorist state.” 

The US leader has also reiterated more than once that military options are not off the table when it comes to Iran, responding to a missile test by Tehran.

Aggressive acts

US military commanders expressed anger at the move, saying Iran's repeated behaviors are too risky.

It is the method with which they do that which is unprofessional and adds greater risk to miscalculation in our need to maneuver the ship, and often presents a risk to the merchant traffic that's around us, the Washington Examiner cited Capt. Will Pennington, Bush's commanding officer, as saying. 

This is not the first time where Iran boats molest US warships crossing the key sea lane.

According to Radio Free Europe, a U.S. official has told Reuters that several fast-attack ships from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) came close to a U.S. Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz, forcing it to change its course.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Iranian boats on March 4 came within 600 meters of the U.S. Navy ship, the Invincible, and then stopped.

US forces deployed helicopter gunships from the ‘USS George H.W. Bush’ to hover over the speedboats in response to iran's unprovoked acts.

One of the helicopters was threatened by Iran, according to Captain Will Pennington.

But the Iranians denied the US accusations, saying its presence in the Gulf waters is a proof to its ability to secure oil tanker and 'maintain stability in the region.