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Iran-backed terrorists arrested in Bahrain

Iran-backed terrorists arrested in Bahrain

The Anti-terror Crime Prosecution launched an investigation into the public security bus bombing incident that occurred on Sunday and forensic experts were ordered to examine the crime scene, BNA quoted the Chief of Anti-terror Crime Prosecution, Advocate-General Ahmed Al Hammadi as saying on Monday.

The investigations revealed that members of the terrorist cell recruited by fugitive leaders of Saraya Al-Ashtar terrorist brigades living abroad, as part of their ongoing terrorism activities in Bahrain, by targeting the lives of security personnel and civilians and sabotaging private and public property.

The suspects received military training in Iran and Iraq on the use of weapons, explosives making, monitoring the movement of security forces and VIPs as well as vital locations in the Kingdom. They also prepared storage and warehousing locations all over Bahrain to hide weapons and explosives smuggled into the Kingdom from abroad.

The suspects possessed the expertise and capabilities to implement their terrorist plot by targeting VIPs and security forces in the country. They targeted the security personnel and vehicles as well as various locations belonging to foreign entities in the country.

The suspects detonated explosive devices in several areas with the purpose of spreading chaos and panic among people and preventing the security forces from performing their duties. They supplied the cell members with explosive materials, weapons and the necessary funds to carry out their terrorist crimes.

Fourteen suspects were arrested and their residences where they concealed the materials and tools used in committing their crimes were searched. Substances used in making explosives were also seized.

The suspects were questioned under legal sureties and charged with the formation and joining of a terror group, attempted murder, training on the use of weapons, explosives and ammunition and funding their terror group. 

The suspects were kept in custody pending further investigations. Technical reports and the investigations will be referred to the relevant court.