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'The Annexation of Southern Iraq'

There is no such thing as "coexistence" by force within a state that imposes terrorism through militias, theft, corruption, nepotism, sectarianism, crime and disrespects the people.

Green Zone politicians have completely destroyed Iraq. They have turned it into a platform for conspiracies on behalf of Iran, a breeding ground for terrorist militias and a source of sectarianism to threaten neighboring countries.

In these circumstances, a unified Iraq means nothing more than destruction and killing for the rest of the Iraqi people.

Today, the Kurdish region has announced that it will hold a referendum on independence later this year. The Kurdish region's  Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, has called upon Washington to deal pragmatically with the situation in Iraq.

In all practicality this is the bitter truth, as the common belief is that a unified Iraq today is impossible, and the next few weeks will prove this reality. 

After ISIS ends up being defeated, Iraq will certainly enter a new phase of gradual division which will begin after Erbil's Declaration of Independence.

After that, areas where Sunni's form the majority can form a confederation with "Independent Kurdistan," in order to stand separate from southern Iraq. This will have all the economic, logistic and geographical attributes of an independent state. Moreover, Sunni opposition leaders consider Massoud Barzani as a friend not an enemy, and a common denominator whom they can cooperate with.

This phenomenon can also be seen in Syria.  There are Sunni areas which are considered as friends, and share a common destiny with Iraq's western regions, within this new confederation.

This poses the urgent question - who will rule in Baghdad and how? The new situation will require an international resolution, not merely an Iraqi one, since it is far better to build a common territory shared between both Sunnis and Shiites.
The question is, what can an economically exhausted Iran, as a global pariah, do about this scenario?

Tehran's only solution may be the annexation of southern Iraq as a province similar to the occupied Arab province of Ahwaz. This means Iran could occupy all southern oil wells. However, this annexation would certainly provoke Shiite- Shiite war between Iran's loyalists and its Shiite opponents inside Iraq.

Welcome to a new Middle East where prosperity and development are achieved without bloodshed, and even with an existence of American bases.

There is nothing wrong with an American presence in the region, and before Iran's loyalists in Iraq blame Sunnis and Kurds (who are originally Sunnis) for accepting the American presence, they must reject the Russian presence in Iran's Hamadan and Syria's Tartus.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 17 October 2017 10:54 PM