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Four Kurdish blocs boycott Abadi meeting

Zana Rostay
Four Kurdish parliamentary blocs announced on Sunday they would boycott a meeting between PM Haider Abadi and parliamentary blocs heads , The Baghdad Post reported. 

The blocs that boycott the meeting are the National Union, Movement for Change, The Islamic Group and The Kurdistan Islamic Union. 

In a statement, MP Zana Rostay for the Islamic Group said, "The four blocs decided not to attend the meeting for Abadi's insulting stances towards the parliament as well as his challenges against the state budget regarding the rights of Kurdistan Province".

Rostay added the parliament had called Abadi for a public session but he did not come."Abadi had better come to the parliament to show reasons of his accusations over the past two weeks," he said. 

"Abadi got his authority from the parliament. It is irrelevant for the heads of parliamentary blocs to go to him," he added.

Rostay confirmed that his bloc had coordinated with the non-Kurdish blocs to take a "unified decision on the issue".

"We asked them not to attend the meeting, but no final decision has been reached yet," he said. 

Last Modified: Sunday، 26 March 2017 03:00 PM