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U.S. releases proofs Iran behind 9/11 attacks

The U.S. has announced it has evidences that Iran was behind the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington, The Baghdad Post reported.  

In 2012, a New York judge ordered Iran to pay $7 billion in damages to the families and estates of the 2001 attack victims.

The Shiite country had played a major role in the terror attack by aiding al-Qaeda group's members to travel through its territory.

Saturday، 10 February 2018 09:34 PM
I find it hilarious that sites such as sit there and blindly insist that Iran couldn’t have had anything to do with 9/11 but the Saudis most certainly had everything to do with it. They argue without evidence that the Saudis did it and that the Iranians didn’t do it because they haven’t seen any evidence saying so. Never mind the fact that the US doesn’t just foolishly air all foreign policy decisions so our hand can be revealed to our opponents. Global research believes they hold all knowledge and facts about what is actually happening. Fools they are.