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Bodies of Mosul civilians dug out of rubble after deadly airstrikes

Hundreds of civilians killed in Mosul

A video, exclusively released by the Baghdad Post, showed one of the local residents speaking with full grief about his family killed in a botched raid by the US-led coalition on Mosul.

Do you liberate us or kill us? The citizen exclaimed. 

The air raid was conducted to take out an ISIS terrorist. But about 137 civilians have been killed.

The video also shows bodies of civilians being dug out of the rubble after one week, amid 'shy help' by the local government.

Around 230 civilian, mostly women and children, were killed overnight in strikes targeted three adjoining residences in al-Mosul al-Jadida or “New al Mosul” district, reports said.

The Mosul district council called for an immediate halt of airstrikes in the city’s west and to declare it a “disaster zone' after over 500 citizens had been killed in deadly air raids.

This tally has been confirmed by the  Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights. 

Last Modified: Saturday، 25 March 2017 01:09 PM