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Do Hizbullah, Iran stand behind London attack?

Iran behind London attack
A day after the deadly terror attack that took place at the British parliament, insiders came out to speak of the identity of the perpetrators, saying they have links with Iran and Hizbullah terror militia.

The attacker of London terror operation was a member of al-Mohajerin (immigrants) Movement led by Omer Bakri who went to Lebanon under the escort of Hizbullah terror militia after he was expelled from London, intelligence sources told the Baghdad Post.

Moreover, Bakri was in constant liaison with Iran through the terror militia of Hizbullah, they added, indicating that he coordinated with the group in preparing the antagonistic rhetoric against the US and the West.

Yet, according to the source, the Lebanese authorities arrested Bakri more than once on accusations of leading an armed terror group. 

But Hizbullah lawmaker, a lawyer with close ties with Iran, helped him get out of custody. 

Iran intelligence

This information, according to experts, makes it unquestionable that Iran intelligence agents, mainly Hizbullah affiliates, are the ones who carried out London terror attacks.

Experts argue that this heinous act is aimed to distract the world attention away from Iran. The Mullah regime is closely watched by the West due to its terror practices.

Just one hour before the attack, House of Commons discussed listing Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terror organization, which raised the ire of the Mullahs in Iran. 

Relatedly, analysts told the Baghdad Post that the Iranian intelligence has been using Hizbullah ties with hardliner Sunni militant groups in Lebanon and other Arab and Western countries to spread chaos in the region.

Iran pressures the West through these terror groups to prevent it from listing the IRGC as a terrorist organization, they further stated.

Dirty hands

Observers say that exposing the Iranian role in these attacks will tighten the noose around the Mullah regime stooges.

At the Hose of Commons' session held before the attack, lawmakers were discussing the subversive role of Mullah regime in the Middle East.

They cited its crimes in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen, demanding its speedy listing as a terror group.
Furthermore, the UK MPs focused on the role of IRGC in suppressing opposition inside Iran.

However, the Iranian regime hastened to condemn the attack, just to distract attention, saying that the west is still using 'double-standard policy' when it comes to facing terrorism.

To cap it all, the Iranian government declared solidarity with families of victims.

Insiders say that President Donald J. Trump is closely following up on investigations into the London terror attack to take the proper action against Iran after the probe is finished.