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Iraq Cyber Reporting Militia, spreads sectarianism, incites against Sunnis

Iraq Cyber Reporting Militia, spreads sectarianism, incites against Sunnis
Iraqi Cyber Reporting Militia, aka teamspam313, is supported by the sectarian government in Baghdad to report and hack the accounts of opponents on social media platforms. 

This team now is tasked with inciting terror militias from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan  battling in Syria to butcher the Sunnis and disseminate Shiism in Damascus.

Those hackers are also releasing materials inciting against the US and Europe after their stances opposing the Iranian hegemony in the region. 

The government in Iraq is turning a blind eye to the activities of those militias despite the fact that they work overtly with their accounts flooded with photographs representing IMIS militias.

Also, those cyber attackers are threatening the US troops in Iraq, especially the ones stationed in the bases west of the country.

They incite the people, telling them that the US troops fighting ISIS terrorists are invaders.

Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maleki, close to iran, allocated millions of dollars to create cyber militias tasked with attacking the regional and western countries as well as the new US administration, which is taking a harder line towards Iran. 

At the same time, the Iraqi government asks the US to lend it a hand with the fight against ISIS terrorists.

Observers say that these practices by the Iraqi hackers are aimed to catapult the Iraqis in a lost battle against the Americans through claiming that they are invaders. To the contrary, they are assisting the Iraqis to defeat ISIS.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 22 March 2017 12:52 AM