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US embassy warns from real estate scam in Iraq

US embassy in Iraq

US embassy in Iraq warned from a scam scheme to build housing facilities in Iraq to steal individuals and companies money.

The embassy said in a statement on Facebook that it closely monitors a scheme done by a company that claims to have struck a deal with America to build tens of thousands of housing facilities, noting that these claims are null and void and aims to steal people and companies' money.

"SCAM ALERT: The U.S. Embassy is closely monitoring a fraudulent scheme by companies claiming they have entered into a contract with the U.S. Government to construct tens of thousands of housing units. These claims are false and aim to steal money from unsuspecting individuals and businesses. Please be aware that the criminals making these false claims will oftentimes use fake U.S. Embassy letterhead to try and legitimize their schemes. All legitimate contracting opportunities with the U.S. Embassy are published on the Embassy’s website," said the US embassy on its Facebook page

The embassy added that criminals use US embassy's name to falsely legitimize their schemes, asserting that all deals done with any one are published on the official US embassy's website.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 21 March 2017 12:41 PM