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Federal Police control old bridge in right bank of Mosul

Iraqi forces

Federal Police's third unit and Rapid intervention Forces (IRF) on Wednesday controlled the old bridge and are currently heading to Ras al-Khor in the right bank of Mosul.

"These efforts come as the Federal Police's fifth and sixth units are advancing in al-Bab al-Jadeid neighborhood towards Bab al-Bayd neighborhood in the right bank of Mosul, Federal Police commander Raed Shair Jawdat said on Wednesday.

The advancement of the Federal Police units came after controlling Mosul Museum which ISIS militants have totally destroyed, Jawdat added.

Fierce clashes between the Iraqi forces and ISIS terrorists are still going on in the right bank of Mosul neighborhoods as revealed by Iraqi general Khalil al-Tae.

Iraqi general Khalil al-Tae said on Tuesday on Twitter that there are currently heavy clashes at al-Kurneish Street and the outskirts of the Old City of Mosul in an attempt to reach the old bridge.

The Baghdad Post has received a photo on Tuesday taken by an officer from the Federal Police showing the old bridge that connects the right and left banks of Mosul.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 15 March 2017 01:17 PM