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Nineveh Provincial Council announces Mosul 'disaster area'

Nineveh Provincial Council has announced Mosul a disaster area, The Baghdad Post reported on Monday.

In a press statement, Nineveh provincial council's adviser, Khadida Kulu, said, "The destruction that hit all Mosul's infrastructure as well as the displacement crisis has made Mosul an already disaster area."

Kulu added, "The situation in the left bank of Mosul- where the displaced were provided equipped camps- is completely different from that of the city's right bank." 

He indicated that the overpopulation in the city's right bank created a large number of the displaced.

Since February 19, the Iraqi Army has launched an offensive to liberate the left bank of Mosul from the grip of ISIS militants.

The military announced it managed to liberate a number of districts as well as the city's airport, the government buildings complex and a military base.

However, a displacement crisis erupted. Minister of Immigration and Displacement Jassim Mohamed al-Jaff estimated at 99,582 the total number of the displaced people since the start of the military operations.

Al-Jaff added they were hosted at the ministry's camps in southern Mosul, northern Tikrit and other cities in Nineveh province.

However, observers accuse the Iraqi government of providing poor support for these camps. Reports indicate that the displaced there suffer severe shortages of food, medications and much-needed services.

Last Modified: Friday، 17 March 2017 09:41 PM