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Get to know the benefits of adding salt to you coffee

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Coffee is the favorite drink for so many people; even its smell has the magic ability to change your mood.

Coffee lovers often spend a lot of time preparing their tasty beverage and don't get tired or bored from adding new flavors to it.

The taste of Turkish coffee varies depending on the contents added to it; there are cardamoms, milk, no sugar, and extra sugar flavors, everyone has his fix.

But, have you ever heard of coffee with salt?

Don't get mad, salt doesn't affect coffee's delicious taste, but you have to know that adding a small amount of salt to your coffee removes its bitter taste.

You can add salt before or after making your coffee, but many prefer adding salt before heating it.

Some explained this effect by saying that we trick ourselves when tasting excessive sourness, salt comes here to block sour sprouts in the tongue and prevents it from working in the right way.

Salt isn't the only way to have a special flavor on your coffee. There are lots of people who depend on other ways like adding creamer, sugar, hazelnut , chocolate, cardamoms, orange and many other flavors. coffee is a world in its self!

Last Modified: Wednesday، 08 March 2017 04:19 PM