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18 Iranians hanged in public in 3 days by Mullah regime

Rampant public executions in Iran

Ruthless Mullah regime of Iran has hanged 18 convicts across several cities over the past three days.

On March 6, two prisoners were hanged at Sari prison alongside two others, including a 70-year old man, who were hanged at Orumiyeh Central Prison.

One day earlier, another convict was publicly executed in Qazvin province in addition to three prisoners at Qezel Hesar prison.

Also, eight prisoners have been hanged at Rasht and Orumiyeh and Shahrood and Hamedan prison, two of them were women, on Saturday.

This came as the repressive Mullah regime is continuing its mass arrests across the country under false pretences.

Authorities arrested 34 girls in Ahwaz along with 14 others in Fars province.

These arrests are made to intimidate the people and forestall any protests that may be triggered by deep social grievances witnessed by all factions of the society there.


 Public executions became commonplace in Iran following the ascent of Khomeni to power in 1979.The regime uses cranes mounted on trucks as makeshift gallows.

Iran has carried out the first beheading execution in modern times, Amnesty International said in 1990.

In August 2013, a 12-year-old Iranian boy from the province of Kermanshah accidentally hanged himself while re-enacting a hanging with his younger 8-year-old brother.

According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the boy was "an unexpected victim of a culture of public executions that remains pervasive in the Iran.