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Exclusive: Destination of IMIS prison filled with Iraqi Sunnis revealed

Destination of IMIS prison filled with Iraqi Sunnis revealed

Al-Hashd Shiite militias (IMIS) are killing and torturing Iraqi Sunnis in a secret prison that was established in Dujail town of Saladin governorate, sources told The Baghdad Post on Tuesday.

The Sunnis are exposed to severe torture that exceeds what had happened to the Jews during the Nazi era in Europe, sources revealed on the condition of anonymity.

The sources asserted that if IMIS knew that they uncovered such confidential information, they will be killed in spot.

Dujail is a small Shiite town that is situated about 65 kilometers north of Iraq's capital Baghdad and has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. 

The secret prison is supervised by an IMIS security official who is called Abu Zeinab al Lami, the sources said, adding that a number of Iranian officers are also in charge of the beastly prison.

The prison include hundreds of Sunni opponents from all over Iraq in which IMIS claim that the detainees are affiliated to ISIS terrorist group.

The sources added that mass killings against the prisoners had occurred in this prison.

IMIS also imprisoned a number of Arab and foreign persons in this prison, the sources said, adding that the prison's officials claim that these persons are also affiliated to ISIS.

It is worth mentioning that IMIS kill and torture a lot of Sunnis in Iraq while the international community is ignoring such an inhuman Holocaust.