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Algerian activist: Iran dared to bully Arabs because of their weakness

Anwar Malek
Algerian author and activist Anwar Malek asserted that Iran's Mullah Regime dared to bully Arabs and Muslims because of their weakness.

"Iran only dared to insult Arabs by exporting its revolution although it exposed its corruption in view of Arabs' weakness. Instead of fighting such bloody regime, Arabs got lost in fighting themselves," Malek said on Twitter.

Anwar Malek is an Algerian human rights activist who lives in his political asylum in France since 2006 after being tortured by the Algerian authorities.

Malek is famous for his harsh criticism to the Iranian regime and its crimes against humanity and oppression to the Sunni Arabs in the Middle East through its proxies.

He also urged strongly to dismantle the Iranian-backed militias that caused sectarian conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and accused them of committing crimes against humanity and destabilizing the region.

Last Modified: Sunday، 05 March 2017 01:43 PM