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Shiite cleric calls for 'ditching' political process in Iraq

Shiite cleric Mahdi Al-Khalesi

Current political process in Iraq should be ditched, Shiite cleric Mahdi Al-Khalesi said Saturday, adding it is the main reason behind the worsening situation in the country since 2003.

He blamed what he called 'pro-Iran Shiite parties' governing the country now for the current quagmire there.

The political process in Iraq is beyond reform and it is the main cause of mischief for the country and its people, the cleric added in a Friday sermon.

We want those engaged in this failed political process to relieve themselves of responsibility and admit it caused much harm to the Iraqi people, Al-Khalesi further noted.

The politicians should made it clear that this political process was enforced by the occupiers and work to rid the people of this vortex.

The problem does not lie in the electoral commission or the law of this election. But the core principles of this process are themselves the problem, he declared.

The cleric called for Iraqis to wake up and draw a separating line between those seeking to harm them, and those desiring to render their benefit achieved.

No more fear and submission!, he said, addressing Iraqi people.

Al-Khalesi movement is a staunch opponent to the Iranian hegemony in Iraq. He considers commonsense dictates that Qum, Iran's top religious city, follow in the footsteps of Najaf, and not the opposite.

Also, he stood firmly against the US invasion of Iraq, called for resisting it and rejected the constitution drafted thereafter as 'by-product of the occupation'.

Genuine reconciliation between the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq and bringing Iraq into its Arab sphere are also among the key parameters of the cleric's manifesto.