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US project for post-ISIS Iraq to dismantle IMIS, stop Iran intervention

The plans for post-ISIS Iraq have begun
American efforts are underway to devise a plan for post-ISIS Iraq that would include dismantling of the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) and stopping the Iranian intervention in the region, an Iraqi diplomat source said on Thursday.

The proposed American project is to include principles to guarantee the unity and integrity of Iraq to avoid dividing the country on sectarian, religious or ethnic basics, ensure an international commitment to support the Iraqi army and security forces, establish democracy in the country and stop the Iranian intervention in the interior affairs of Iraq, according to the source.

The source asserted that the project puts a timetable after uprooting ISIS terrorists and to counter the IMIS problem and revoke the laws that protects it.

The project also aims to repair the trust of the Iraqi people in their judicial system, erase the demographic changes that been introduced to several areas in Iraq to serve Iran sectarian schemes, return the displaced citizens to their homes without any conditions, organize an international donor conference to Iraq to rebuild the country and repair its devastated infrastructures, the source added.

The diplomat pointed out that US will present the project to UN Security Council to approve it, and will pose sanctions on any country that intervene in the interior affairs of Iraq.

Last Modified: Thursday، 02 March 2017 01:13 PM