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Video: 'Ring of fire' solar eclipse observed in Argentina

solar eclipse

Hundreds of residents and tourists in Argentina’s Patagonia region were treated to a special sight early on Sunday when they witnessed the first solar eclipse of 2017, Reuters reported on Monday.

The eclipse could be seen from several locations in southern Argentina.

The phenomena is known as a 'ring of fire' eclipse. In this kind of eclipse, moon is smaller than the sun, so a ring of light is visible when the moon passes over the sun. The “ring of fire” could be seen for almost an hour.

The event lasted two and a half hours in total approximately.

Observers donned sunglasses with special filters, heeding experts’ warnings that viewers should not look directly at the eclipse without eye protection.

Sunday’s eclipse was visible only in parts of the southern hemisphere.

Last Modified: Monday، 27 February 2017 01:46 PM