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ISIS admits death of senior leader Shaker Wahib for first time

Abu Waheeb

The ISIS terrorist group admitted for the first time the death of Shaker Wahib, aka Abu Waheeb, after the US-led Coalition announced his death nine months ago.

ISIS leadership did not give much attention to Abu Waheeb's death by declaring his death vaguely in a report concerning one of its former leaders.

In its weekly edition of al-Naba, ISIS noted that one of its famous leaders Abu Nazeer al-Iraqi was killed in a battle with Abu Waheeb.

Abu Waheeb's fame rose in 2013 when he appeared in a video that shows ISIS militants execute the drivers of a Syrian truck.

Abu Waheeb appeared in other videos in which he was leading ISIS operations while wearing special forces uniform before vanishing from the scene in 2016.

Last Modified: Friday، 17 February 2017 01:32 PM