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11 gov't personnel killed in triple car bombings in western Mosul

Attack on gov't forces in Mosul
At least 11 government personnel were killed and others were injured in triple car bombings that targeted their military premises in western Mosul , main city of Nineveh governorate.

According to press reports from Mosul, the three car bombs were driven by gunmen of Daesh terrorist group and they detonated them after storming the military premises in Al-Qebba district in northwestern Mosul.

The bombings left one soldier killed on spot, while others were injured and four military vans were destroyed.

Iraqi security forces have taken strict security measures around the targeted premises in anticipation of any attacks of the kind. A probe was launched to know the circumstances of the three bombings.

The injured were moved to a field hospital for treatment, while the dead bodies were moved to forensic medicine.

At least 11 civilians, including women and children, were killed in an air raid carried out by coalition warplanes on al-Tink district on the western side of Mosul. Also, a similar shelling killed seven civilians and left 15 others wounded in western Mosul.

On the left bank of the city, seven civilians were killed and others were wounded in a mortar shelling that hit their houses in Al-Rashidiya district.