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Vedio: Fire hits oil storage tank in southern Tehran

An Iranian official, while pointing to a blaze in an oil storage tank in south of Tehran, said the fire was fully suppressed though 400,000 liters of crude were burnt during the incident, MEHR reported on Sunday.

Hassan Bagherian, Director of the Tehran Department of the Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company, elaborated on details of the blaze in a crude oil storage tank situated in southern areas of the Iranian capital saying “following a lightning strike, fire broke out in tank number 102 of the company as 12:15 a.m. local time.”

The official emphasized that the fire had sparked the tank which is used for management of surplus pressure in oil pipelines asserting “fire extinguishing units of Tehran, Ray, Tehran Oil Refining Company as well as Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company, the fire was completely controlled at 04:20 a.m.”

Bagherian, while emphasizing that the incident has left no casualties, underlined that all damages were limited to storage tank number 102.

Last Modified: Sunday، 29 January 2017 07:56 PM