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Exclusive: ISCI, SLC to choose new governor of Baghdad

Agreement reached to choose Baghdad new governor
A deal was reached Thursday between the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) and the State of Law Coalition (SLC) to choose a new governor of Baghdad, reliable sources told The Baghdad Post.

The new governor is expected to be belonging to the Badr Organization, the source added.

Baghdad Governor Ali al-Tamimi was ousted by the city's provincial council earlier in the day.

Al Tamimi said his dismissal is illgal.

Baghdad Council has voted on sacking Tamimi after he failed to respond to questions raised by the council over corruption charges.

Al-Ahrar Bloc, an affiliate of the Sadrist Movement at Baghdad Council, left the council session in rejection of the dismissal vote. 

Tamimi said he will challenge his dismissal decision before the administrative court.

He further described his dismissal decision as a "political blow".

Tamimi has just 15 days to challenge the decision, otherwise a new governor would be chosen. 

The court should decide on the challenge within 30 days.