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Kurdistan President Says Iranian Films on Erbil ‘Distort Facts’

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani on Tuesday issued a statement to express concern over two misleading films recently produced by Iran’s Fars News Agency, saying their contents distort the facts.

“Iranian Fars News Agency recently released two films on Erbil. Both films distort facts, insult our Peshmerga and leadership, and ignore the confidence of our people,” Barzani wrote in his statement.

The films which are on the war against ISIS, are widely denounced by the viewers by being over the top when highlighting the role of Iran in helping the Kurdistan Region and Iraq with the fight.

Kurdistan President reminded that the achievements during the war against ISIS were a function of efforts and assistance from many sources, including the Kurdistan Region’s security services, especially our Peshmerga, Baghdad forces, and international forces and military assistance from many countries, which also include Kurdistan’s immediate neighbors Turkey and Iran.

“The films by an official Iranian agency portray an alternative false and harmful reality that attempts to sabotage mutually beneficial relations between the Kurdistan Region and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Particularly, the films endeavor to sever the important bonds built by Iran’s Commander Qasim Suleimani with our Region during a period when military support from Iran was most vital,” the statement added.

Barzani highlighted the role of Iran in helping the Kurds when they were under attack by Saddam Hussein’s regime, but emphasized that “these films – intended to harm our peaceful relations by insulting our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives against a mutual foe – are destructive and only serve to generate harmful divisions and avoidable discord. Despite these attacks, our Kurdistan Region will continue to be a peaceful place open to people of all ethnicities and religions.”

“We urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to desist in such destructive measures by taking appropriate action towards ensuring the sacred well-being of both the Kurdistan Region and the Islamic Republic of Iran is promoted and preserved,” the statement concluded.