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Today Marks the 6th Anniversary of Kobani Liberation

Six years ago on this day, Kurdish fighters put an end to the ISIS in Kobani in the north of Syria after more than four months of fierce fighting.

ISIS besieged Kobani on 15th September 2014, but the resistance of the Kurdish fighters soon brought the name of the small town to the world’s headlines.

Late in October the same year, the Kurdistan Region sent Peshmerga forces, heavy weapons, and ammunition to Kobani to help the Syrian Kurdish fighters in liberating the city.

It marked the first time Turkey allowed ground troops from outside Syria to reinforce the Kurds defending Kobani.

During the months of fierce fightings, the city suffered major damages. Official reports said more than 70% of Kobani was completely destroyed.

During the battle, one Kurdish Peshmerga fighter from Kurdistan Region was killed. Back then, President Masoud Barzani said the martyrdom of a Kurd from Southern Kurdistan in Kobani, and the martyrdom of a Kurd from Western Kurdistan near Mosul shows brotherhood, unity, and oneness.