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Six ISIS Jihadists Captured in Mosul

Iraqi security forces on Saturday captured at least six ISIS jihadists in Mosul city, Nineveh Police confirmed.

Nineveh Police Commander, Major Gen. Laith Khalil al-Hamdani, said in a statement that the six militants were captured in the neighborhoods of Mosul city.

According to Hamdani, at least two of the insurgents used to work in the militant group's so-called "Al-Hisbah", another for "al-Amniah" while the other three were fighters in the so-called "Divan Al-Jund” and “Al-Furqan Division".

ISIS has begun to reorganize itself in various areas of Iraq while it has been involved in attacks on Iraqi security forces and civilians.

The jihadist group has also claimed responsibility for Thursday's two deadly bomb attacks in the capital Baghdad, where two suicide bombers blew themselves up and killed more than 30 people, mostly civilians, and left 110 others injured.