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ISIS Enjoys Delay in Iraq-Peshmerga Joint Operations: Official

A delay in the starting of joint operations between the Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi forces have resulted in an increase of ISIS resurgence in the disputed areas, a Kurdish official argued on Tuesday.

Babkir Faqe, a Peshmerga Ministry official reminded that there was an agreement between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq to establish a number of joint operations rooms to manage the security of the areas disputed between Erbil and Baghdad.

"But the delegation from the Iraqi Defense Ministry, which had been expected to visit us to discuss a mechanism for the process of the joint operations, has not taken the necessary steps yet," Faqe noted.

"Due to a delay in the starting of those operations, the militants of Daesh in various areas have continued to regroup and reorganize themselves which has put the lives of the locals in danger."

The Peshmerga official argued that with the beginning of the joint operations in those territories, apart from restoring stability in the region, other issues related to land ownerships between the Kurdish residents and Arabs, brought to the area, would also be solved.