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Kurdish Official Warns of ‘White Flag’ Terrorists Regrouping in Disputed Areas

The terrorists group known as “The White Flag” enjoys the security vacuum in the disputed Kurdish territories to reorganize its members, an official said.

The White Flag is a radical Islamist group that espouses the same ideology as the ISIS and is designated as a terrorist group. It is mainly active in the mountainous areas located in the territories which are disputed between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Sirwan Shokr, Mayor of Kifri in Garmiyan administration of Kurdistan Region, said that the remnants of the White Flag has recently stepped up the bomb attacks in the areas between Kifri and Tuz Khurmatu in neighboring Diyala province.

“These areas were previously the hotbed for the White Flag terrorists. There were several operations to eliminate them, but they are still there, regrouping,” Shokr added.

“At least two civilians were killed since the beginning of the new year by the bombings believed to have been carried out by the White Flag terrorists.”